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Coastal Endodontics

Santa Cruz, CA


    We are constantly perfecting our skills to provide you with the best possible experience and treatment. From our use of digital radiography and microscopes, which dramatically increases the quality of treatment, to our utilization of the Total Digital Office program, we believe our treatment is second to none. 

    The Digital Office

    The Total Digital Office software program eliminates a paper record and allows  comprehensive diagnostic capabilities. 

    Digital Radiographs

    Our practice uses 100% digital imaging in order to increase the quality of treatment.

    Magnification and Illumintation

    Our practice uses high-powered magnification during surgical and non-surgical endodontic treatments. This allows us to see the small canals within the tooth so that treatment can be thorough and precise. The dental operating microscope can help us discover fractures and when discovered we can determine, better than without a microscope, the depth of fracture.

    Cone Beam Computed Tomography

    We offer Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT). This Kodak 9000 focused-field CBCT machine allows us to see teeth and the supporting structures in three dimensions with ultra-low radiation. We now can diagnose and treat with unmatched accuracy teeth we couldn't treat just a few years ago. Utilizing the CBCT is a tremendous advantage because we can see detain that we cannot see in a full skull shot. We can effectively come up with a three-dimensional rendering of the area under consideration and look at the area from any angle.