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Coastal Endodontics

Santa Cruz, CA

    Welcome to Coastal Endodontics


    Welcome to Coastal Endodontics

    We are a practice limited to endodontics located in Santa Cruz, California. 

    We perform endodontic exams to diagnose diseases involving dental pulp and its surrounding tissue. With the help of our advanced technology we perform treatment to save an infected or decayed tooth.


    We offer same-day availability for emergencies to accommodate patients. Once referred, you may call us to schedule an appointment.

    Our Goal

    Our practice prioritizes a patient’s needs. If a patient is in pain, we work quickly to relieve the pain and propose a long-term resolution. The majority of patients are treated with root canal therapy. Ultimately, we eliminate infection and save the tooth/teeth. On certain occasions, the tooth cannot be saved and the patient is referred for extraction. Our goal is to give you the proper care and long-term resolution.

    What makes our practice different

    After we have made the diagnosis and started treatment. We want to wait until all your symptoms have resolved before we finish the root canal. This approach will eliminate a vast majority of the problems the dental community has with lingering symptoms (mostly biting pain). The disadvantage to you is treatment time is spread out a bit.

    Every root canal tretament is designed to give you the best chance for a long-term successful result.

    Most dental studies show a "long-term result" as 1 year, 2 years 5 years. This is not adequate! I do understand that some of these studies, mainly for financial reasons cannot be really long-term. But from the patients perspective I feel 15 to 20 years should be considered long-term.

    Patient Testimonials

    Dear Dr. Kuhn,

    Thank you for the May 19th consultation. I continue to be impressed with your personal concern and professional ability. The tooth and gum area you examined continue to improve, slightly. We have been away for a short vacation, therefore this late, but most appreciative note. Thanks again.



    J. M.